(Casting Director) A native North Carolinian, Mark received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Catawba College with a double major in Theatre Arts and Speech Communication. In the early 1980’s, having performed as an actor and director in many productions in High school and College, Mark chose to step behind the camera to work with producers and directors in finding the acting talent that they needed to successfully produce films and commercials on location in the Southeastern U.S.A.

Now, a veteran casting director of 39 years, Mark owns, along with his brother Craig, Fincannon and Associates, Inc. a motion picture casting company started by the brothers in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1980. The brothers moved their company to Wilmington, NC in 1983 to accommodate the casting needs for the newly merging De Laurentiis Entertainment Group studios founded by legendary film producer Dino De Laurentiis. Mark is also the President of Luminarium Pictures, LLC a film production company with several films in development. Mark now resides in Fayetteville, Georgia overseeing the affairs of their Atlanta office.

Mark and his company have worked with such legendary directors as Steven Spielberg, Taylor Hackford, William Friedkin, David Lynch, and George Lucas to name a few. They have been responsible for casting over 200 feature films, 100 television movie of the weeks, 15 television mini – series and thousands of hours of television series.

Mark is a member of the Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences after winning an Emmy for his work on Tom Hank’s H.B.O. series “From the Earth to the Moon.” Among some of his most notable television work he cast “Matlock”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “One Tree Hill”, “Nashville”, “MacGyver” and the “The Resident”. A few of his other most notable films are “Ray”, “The Prince of Tides”, “Glory Road”, “Miracles from Heaven” and “The Blindside.” His greatest challenge to date was from his work on “End of the Spear”, the historical film about the Woadani Indians of Ecuador who savagely murdered 5 missionaries in the early 1950’s. He successfully discovered, cast and trained indigenous Indians from Panama to portray the Woadani Indians.

Learning directly from someone who is succeeding will advance your career.

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