From finding the perfect “Klaus” for Netflix’s Academy Award nominated Santa Clause saga, to selecting a tailor-made “Colossus”, the animated muscle in Marvel’s comedic superhero adventure, Deadpool, to casting and voice directing a whole new generation of Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” for both film and television, Micah brings the experience, relationships, business savvy and enthusiasm needed to make new projects a success.

With an early start at Disney Feature Animation and fifteen years of experience in and out of the studio environment, Micah brings a history deeply rooted in animation to his role as a Casting and Voice Director, and makes an art out of finding the perfect voice to bring a character to life.

Recent projects include casting Netflix’s academy award nominated musical adventure, Over the Moon, a new Netflix Original animated series, Trash Truck, Ice Age: Buck Wild (Disney+), and casting/voice directing two new Diary of a Wimpy Kid animated features for 20th Century Studios/Disney+.

Micah has a true love of actors and a sensitivity that enables him to bring out their very best performances throughout the audition process and into the recording studio. Whether guiding an actor to find a fresh new take, or helping them navigate the technically challenging task of recording to picture (ADR), Micah works closely with filmmakers to ensure that their vision is maintained throughout the casting process and into production.

Learning directly from someone who is succeeding will advance your career.

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