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1 hour private

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ActorKlass Acting Approach

Live online classes in our own private & safe virtual classrooms

This is your chance to get private attention from a successful working-actor –priceless! 

If you want to succeed, then learn directly from a person who is already succeeding… that simple…
Work with the best and become the best!

Their service to you varies in the 3 ways below.  Check next to their name above for specifics available from each Mentor

Mentor.  Ask questions. Gain insights.  Get career advice.  Get support.  Learn their secrets of success 

Teacher.  Learn how to be an actor from the ground up.  Or refine your current technique

Auditions.  Come prepared, and get guidance/direction/advice for your big audition

When you work with a mentor as Teacher. or Auditions.

    –Scene work with Working Actor-Mentors

    –Will guide you to analyze a script, explore characterization, make complex choices, and actively listen to your scene
      partner. This will be collaborative and active

    –Will learn Solid Acting Technique* from our hand-crafted custom curriculum

Limitless class hours a month

From: $150/hour


*Depending on the commitment level of the student, it typically takes 24 Class hours to learn the tools to develop a Solid Acting Technique. After which it must be exercised, practiced, deepened and fine tuned. Acting is muscle memory, your body needs to learn it. Like going to the gym, ‘use it or you lose it.’ Many actors, even the famous ones, never stop training, and/or always consult with a ONE-ON-ONE Mentor to help them prepare for important roles.

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